Just one word: Multiwork!

09 July 2021


In the world of hair loss, the most varied work situations are encountered and specific products exist to solve the critical issues of each of them. Today we are analyzing the MultiWork fall arrest device, a product that allows you to operate safely on machinery or tankers and designed to be repositioned where necessary.

But what is this product?

The MultiWork is essentially a revolving ballasted flag, the arm of which is made up of a fall arrest rail.

The first of the advantages of this system is constituted by the fact that the connection point of the PPE to the system is a sliding shuttle. It moves horizontally along the arm of the device, with the result that the anchoring point remains positioned above the operator’s head, preventing the so-called “pendulum effect” from occurring in the event of a fall, that is a movement in which the operator swings uncontrollably, with the risk of hitting other objects and causing injury.

Another advantage deriving from the fall arrest rail used as an arm, is that given by the continuity of service, i.e. the fact that, with special shuttles that run parallel to each other, two operators can work independently, guaranteeing a high level of autonomy and ergonomics

To ensure high fluidity in the rotation of the arm, a roller bearing is positioned under

the head of the device that allows the operator to move freely at 360 °.

Furthermore, to prevent the upper part from rotating in an uncontrolled

way during assembly, disassembly and handling, a bolt locking system is provided.


Once the work has been completed, the MultiWork device can be disassembled into five distinct elements with a maximum weight of 800 kg, repositioned and / or placed in an area used for its storage. On request it is possible to paint the device, in order to guarantee a product similar to the client’s Brand Identity.

MULTIWORK FREE, the innovation in the safety of the operator moving on containers.



















Allow the operator to work safely on containers, loading bays, tankers, trucks.


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