Regional Councilor Franco Visits the Spider Group: “So Much Innovation Here, You Are a Lombardy Excellence”

29 November 2023

“The Spider Group is a Lombardy excellence,” said Regional Councilor Paolo Franco during a recent institutional visit to our company headquarters in Covo. Here, he witnessed firsthand the value of a young entity (the average age of employees is 30) capable of experimenting, inventing, and producing innovative technological solutions to improve workplace safety, particularly for high-altitude jobs. All of this is achieved using materials and intelligence within a 30km radius of the company headquarters. Particularly, the tour guided by CEO Giuseppe Lupi gave Councilor Franco a precious opportunity to observe closely the effectiveness of our most innovative product, Sigrit® by Spider, a remotely controlled 4.0 fall protection system.

Da sinistra. Ing. Stefano Duci – Dott. Paolo Franco – Dott. Giuseppe Lupi

Sigrit® is a Spider patent that took three years to develop. It’s based on a system that communicates any anomalous or dangerous situations in real-time in which the operator working at height with the lifeline might find themselves. It, therefore, operates with a remote control system to reduce workplace accidents. On this topic, Inail (Italian National Institute for insurance against workplace accidents) recently reported a 35% decrease (with record drops of 57% in Bergamo) in high-altitude work accidents in the last five years. This significant progress can be attributed to a combination of factors including the adoption of innovative workplace safety technologies like Sigrit®, increased awareness regarding the importance of workplace safety, and the implementation of stricter regulations by responsible authorities.

However, despite encouraging statistics, workplace safety remains a central issue for businesses, trade unions, and regulatory authorities. According to Inail, 60% of workplace accidents occur among workers with less than five years of experience in their sector. This data underscores the need for continuous training and the implementation of safety technologies accessible to all workers, regardless of their level of experience.

Alcuni scatti durante la visita dell'assessore Paolo Franco

Forecasts indicate that the adoption of innovative workplace safety technologies, like Spider’s Sigrit®, will continue to grow in the coming years. Italian authorities are tirelessly working to strengthen workplace safety laws, with harsher penalties for violations and a greater emphasis on worker training and education. These regulatory changes will have a significant impact on industries and companies throughout the country.

In the context of these developments, companies must be proactive and adapt quickly. It’s vital for companies to keep pace with these developments, ensuring that their workplace safety practices align with new regulations, investing in training and innovative equipment to guarantee their workers’ safety.

The visit of Regional Councilor Paolo Franco to the Spider Group presented an important opportunity to underline the importance of innovation for workplace safety. Despite the significant progress made in recent years, there is still much to be done. To ensure a safe working environment for all, it’s crucial that companies continue to adopt innovative technologies, invest in worker training, and work closely with regulatory authorities. Councilor Franco emphasized how vital it is – in an ever-advanced Lombardy – to ensure that residential and productive buildings always maintain the highest level of safety, as he was able to witness in this company, a jewel in Lombardy’s excellence, which knows how to value local intelligence and resources by working as a team for the common good.


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Regional Councilor Franco Visits the Spider Group: “So Much Innovation Here, You Are a Lombardy Excellence”

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