Confined spaces

: 8 hours
: chemical-Lineevita building-Lineevita metalworking-Lineevita

Personal protective devices

: 8 hours
: chemical-Lineevita building-Lineevita metalworking-Lineevita services-Lineevita

Use of lifelines

: 8 hours
: chemical-Lineevita building-Lineevita services-Lineevita

Life lines installation

: 28 ore
: chemical-Lineevita building-Lineevita services-Lineevita

The safety factor in work environments is not eliminated by the mere installation of fall arrest systems, but also through risk awareness and the correct use of protective devices.

For this reason, the School proposes and organises training courses with a view toward introducing professional figures into high risk environments, able to responsibly manage the dynamics of workplaces and building sites.

The courses organised by the School cover the main areas of application of Legislative Decree no.81, 9th April 2008:

  • training and enabling of operators, with the ultimate aim of ensuring correct use of work equipment;
  • training for company figures in charge of workplace health and safety, in order that employers, managers and supervisors are aware of their responsibilities and obligations for worker safety;
  • training on emergency management, to acquire knowledge and learn how to intervene in a targeted and safe manner following an accident;

Courses are aimed at operators in the following manufacturing sectors: chemical, construction, metal-mechanic, services.

The School employs highly experienced and qualified trainers, with expert knowledge of the sector.

The theoretical component is carried out exclusively by engineers, while the practical component is taught by personnel with long-standing and proven experience in relation to the techniques and use of both systems and devices for works at height.

Insofar as an accredited training body in the Region of Lombardy, a certificate is issued at the end of each course attesting to the participation of workers in the different courses, with recognised and certified validity.

In addition to being accredited at a regional level, the School also has a specific Quality Management System for its training division, certified by the Giordano Institute in accordance with ISO 9001:2000.

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