Sigrit®: A new frontier for safety in working at heights.

20 October 2023

An advanced 4.0 system for monitoring fall protection systems and access.
The patent, fully developed by Spider Group®: already 500 devices installed.

The Sigrit® patent is an innovative device that allows for constant monitoring of the usage of lifelines, rails, and other fall protection devices for confined spaces, as well as access control. 


The innovation of Sigrit®, patented in Italy and in the process of approval in all European Union states, the United States, and Canada, covers several aspects: it allows to know if fall protection devices are being used (or not), or if they are being used improperly, and if there is an event that could suggest a fall or emergency.

Sigrit® represents a fundamental improvement in workplace safety (in case of a fall, an alarm signal is immediately sent, as well as if it is found that the operator is not connected to the fall protection systems), it also allows verification (through the Sigrit Lock® device) of who accesses the rooftop or confined spaces, thus also serving as an authorization system (those without the credentials or requirements will not have access).

Thanks to Sigrit Lock®, there is no longer a need to fill out the access register for working at heights, as it is automatically managed by the Sigrit® portal, an archive that contains not only the access history but also the data of the fall protection system (certifications, manuals, correct installation, maintenance, etc.). For workplace safety, Sigrit® represents another increase in proactivity levels, for example, it increases the promptness of any rescue operations. The Sigrit Lock® accessory, which can be integrated, works with a radiofrequency badge that allows tracking of who goes up to heights and determines if the operator has all the requirements to perform such work, and enables various types of monitoring, such as checking if operators possess the necessary qualifications for that type of work.

Thanks to its modularity, it is possible to extend access control to gates, stairs, confined spaces, etc.

Since Sigrit® is fully developed by Spider Group®, including the software, all functions are customizable and integrable with various management systems.

Sigrit® is completely autonomous in terms of power and does not require electrical connections or solar panels. It has a battery with an estimated lifespan of 2 years, and the connections work through a data SIM card connected to our portal, which distributes all the information to the designated recipients indicated by the company via SMS, phone call, email, or with the help of an external operations center (agreement with an external company) that monitors the most at-risk areas or access points 24/7.

The Sigrit® project is the result of intense research and development work by Spider Group®, which has led to the installation of almost 500 devices in various sectors, with various customizations requested by even the most demanding clients.

Galleria Sigrit®: A new frontier for safety in working at heights.
Galleria Sigrit®: A new frontier for safety in working at heights.
Galleria Sigrit®: A new frontier for safety in working at heights.
Galleria Sigrit®: A new frontier for safety in working at heights.
Galleria Sigrit®: A new frontier for safety in working at heights.


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