21 October 2022



The drafting of the calculation report is a fundamental  step in fact it describes the intervention carried out, summarizes all the choices made, justifies them and presents all the results obtained. But above all, the document must be easily consultable or such as  to guarantee readability, correct interpretation and reproducibility, where clarity of presentation and completeness  of the contents  are such as to produce design elaborations and checks by personnel other than the editor of the report.   Even in the world of lifelines, calculation reports are of fundamental importance and regulated by the revision of the UNI 11560: 2022 technical standard, published on 23 June 2022, within chapter 7  “Design and construction of an anchoring system” it is mandatory to require, among the documentation accompanying the  anchoring system, the presence of the ETC and the Calculation Report signed by a Technician  Qualified.

In order to perceive the quality and goodness of the report performed below we find some minimum aspects that a relationship should have

  • Header showing the order and the address of the construction site / building where it is

installed the anchoring system subject to verification

  • Referenced laws, laws and regulations
  • Forces discharged from the anchoring device/system on the fixings and structure

(indicated by the manufacturer)

  • Description of the support and structure on which the device/system is attached


  • Outcome and description of the verifications and calculations covered by the calculation report.
  • The calculation report must not be limited to the verification of the fixings, but

Also consider the materials of the support

  • Description of the quantity and type of fixings to be used


Spider Linee Vita ®, a manufacturer of fall protection systems, present on the market since 2005, with specific certifications (ISO 9001: 2015 – ISO 14001: 2015 – ISO 45001: 2018) offers a series of services that are already in line with all the provisions of the UNI 11560: 2022 standard, thus ensuring high quality services.


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