UNI 11560 2022: The figures involved in the installation processes

22 July 2022

For days we have been facing the entry into force of the new technical standard 11560 which concerns anchoring systems.  But to better address this topic, let’s dwell on what anchors are.

Types of anchorage:

There are two types of anchorage useful for a correct and functional installation of the same so valid also for use.

Types of anchorage:

Punctual anchoring: when the anchor is made on a non-sliding point

Linear anchoring: when the anchorage is made on a flexible or rigid line and the connection with the dpi is then sliding

What has changed with 11560:2022?

The new technical standard UNI 11560:2022 provides for two main professional figures, the installer and the user of the system, compared to the four of the old edition (installer, inspector, maintainer and worker)

Within the reference document and precisely in chapter 3 “Terms and definitions” we have the definitions for the following professional figures for the installation of anchoring systems:

  • basic installer: Competent person, able to carry out the assembly, the possible disassembly and the inspection at the assembly of the anchoring system.
  • intermediate installer: Competent person, able to carry out assembly, possible disassembly, assembly inspection and periodic inspection of the anchoring system.
  • advanced installer: Competent person, able to carry out the assembly, the possible disassembly, the assembly inspection, the periodic inspection and the extraordinary inspection of the anchoring system.

What if I already have a lifeline but don’t know if it’s usable or not?

Before proceeding with the use it is always good to carry out an inspection in fact it is a fundamental procedure to ensure both the effective functioning of the anchoring system and for the safety of workers. Thanks tothe new standard 11560:2022, always with reference to chapter 3, the figure of the User is added, or the “person to whom the anchoring system is intended and who carries out the inspection before use”.

The norm 11560 of 2014, instead, three figures were identified, each associated with a different activity, in addition to that of the worker.

  • the qualified person, who carries out the assembly and possible dismantling of the anchoring system;
  • the qualified technician, who carries out the checks and controls necessary to ascertain that the anchoring system has maintained the initial performance characteristics in a scheduled time or following exceptional events;
  • the qualified person who carries out the operations deemed necessary for the anchoring system to maintain its initial performance characteristics over time;
  • the person for whom the anchoring system is intended.

How much does it cost to revise a lifeline?

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