Training: PLE course

02 July 2021

The course for employees operating elevating mobile work platforms (PLE) with and without stabilizers is part of the courses that are to be carried out for those employees who use the so-called “work equipment” which, according to the State Regions Agreement of 22/02/2012 are:

– Elevating Mobile Work Platforms (PLE)
– Tower, mobile and truck cranes
– Self-propelled forklifts with driver on board with telescopic arm, industrial type, rotary telescopic type
– Agricultural or forestry tractors
– Earth-moving machinery (hydraulic excavators, rope excavators, front loaders, backhoe loaders, tracked dumper
– Concrete pump

The training courses relating to these equipment must follow specific contents and must be composed of a theoretical part and a practical part with precise durations.
Let’s see specifically the course for PLE.
In addition to the State Regions Agreement of 02/22/2011, also art. 73 paragraph 4 of Legislative Decree 81/2008 requires that those in charge of using the equipment that require special knowledge and responsibilities (referred to in Article 71, paragraph 7 of the same decree) receive adequate and specific training. The mobile elevating work platform is one of the aforementioned equipment.

The aim of the course is to allow companies to comply with the aforementioned training obligations, defining a path that provides the workers in charge with the appropriate skills for a suitable and safe use of the MEWPs.

The course is therefore aimed at workers employed in the use of aerial platforms – PLE and is divided into the following modules:

LEGAL FORM (1 hour)
– Outline of general legislation on hygiene and safety at work and on work at height

– Categories of P.L.E.
– Structural components
– Control devices
– Checks before use
– Specific OPIs
– How to use it safely
– Verification of learning

– Pre-use checks
– Positioning
– Operational practice exercises
– Emergency maneuvers

The periodicity of the update is 5 years and includes a course lasting 4 hours.

The course can be held at our school, which has a training room equipped with a blackboard and video projector and a large gym where you can carry out practical tests.


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