Confined spaces training: who is it for, duration and courses

30 July 2021

Training for work in confined spaces is a fundamental prerequisite to perform safely some work activities. Spider has been working for years in the field of safety and for this reason it knows all the regulatory requirements for work in confined spaces and how to best train workers to prepare them to perform their work in total safety.

For this reason, Spider has a dedicated training course, open to all companies and individual professionals.

Within this article we will see:

  • Confined spaces training: obligations and to whom it is addressed
  • Course Duration

Confined Space Training: Obligations and to whom it is addressed

The work in confined spaces need a dedicated training that allows workers to be aware of all the risks and dangers involved, and therefore prepared to act in the correct way to any eventuality.

The work in confined spaces is regulated by precise regulations that define the obligations, training and outline the working figures to which the training is addressed.

Below we will discover:

  • Definition of confined spaces
  • Regulatory obligations
  • Who is the training for?

Definition of confined spaces:

To best understand who the training is aimed at, it is necessary to be clear on what we are referring to when we talk about “confined spaces”. Legislative Decree 81/2008 defines confined spaces as any limited working environment that can be accessed, where there is a very high danger of death due to the possible presence of:

  • Harmful substances and/or toxic gases
  • Potentially hazardous situations such as lack of oxygen, explosions or fires.

Regulatory Obligations:

Legislative Decree 81/2008 requires mandatory information, training and preparation for all workers working in confined spaces. Training for confined spaces is extended to all personnel, including the employer, if they are employed for work activities, even sporadic, in confined spaces or with suspected pollution.The regulation also provides that the training must respect a precise duration and provide for the correct frequency of updating as well as a correct validation of the courses. In fact, the training must be proven by theoretical and practical tests to verify the correct learning of concepts.

Who is confined space training for?

As we have previously mentioned, confined space training is dedicated to all those professionals who are included in work and/or supervision activities in confined spaces or with suspected pollution.


The professionals most commonly addressed in our confined spaces training course operate in:

  • Pipelines;
  • Tanks;
  • Open tanks;
  • Silos;
  • Narrow section excavations.
  • Sewer networks;
  • Combustion chambers inside furnaces;
  • Swimming pool technical rooms;
  • Closed drainage systems;
  • Environments with little or no ventilation;
  • Bathtubs;

If you are a professional worker and operate in one of these work environments visit our training course!


Visit the Confined Spaces Course


Confined Space Training Course Duration

In the section on training for confined spaces, Legislative Decree 81/2008 also defines the duration of the courses and the frequency of updating the same.

The legislation provides that the training course must have a duration of 8 hours in which it is mandatory to follow both practical and theoretical lessons.

At the end of the course a certificate of attendance and training will be issued, which will remain valid for 5 years. At the end of the 5 years, an update of 4 hours will be mandatory.

Are you looking for a training course for confined spaces? Spider is for you!
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