Safety: a concept still in crisis

08 April 2022

The fatal accidents in the workplace in Italy, as evidenced by 2021, amount to about 1221 (fonte. Inail), or about 3 people died every day during their work. Accident reports, on the other hand, were about 555,236, a slight increase compared to 2020.

Summing up, these are the data by territory the regions that have shown increases are:

  • Veneto +19
  • Apulia +18
  • Friuli Venezia Giulia +16
  • Umbria +15
  • Campania +14
  • Basilicata +12
  • Lazio +11


While the regions that have suffered a considerable decrease are:

  • Lombardy -92
  • Calabria – 18
  • Sicily – 16
  • Walking – 14
  • Piedmont – 12
  • Liguria – 10

LOMBARDY, a look at 2022

It would already seem alarm throughout Italy given the already tragic bulletin, and which represents the (in)safety at work despite the introductions and changes made to Legislative Decree 81/08 recently to intensify controls and increase penalties to the detriment of those who do not comply with the reference regulations.

Waiting for confirmation from Inail with the bulletin of the first quarter of 2022, to date there would be an increase in fatal accidents, especially in Lombardy second to Tuscany. Throughout the territory there would be about 114 (+10) while the accident reports throughout the national territory by last February would be about 121,994, also here a significant increase compared to the previous year.

According to the various unions, based in Lombardy, there is a worrying surge (a forecast of + 60%) that would affect the region especially for the only reports of accidents in the new year.  The data shows that the industry and services sector are the main responsible for the increase in data and that the increase compared to the first two months of 2021 between accidents at work and accidents on the way are respectively +61.98 5 and +35.98%.

In contrast, in addition to the safety and work regulations already present and the controls by the inspection bodies, it is essential to increase investments in prevention and controls. A thorny period, still scarred by the effects of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, in which work continues to raise concerns, the commitment to a criterion that can be translated into protection and prevention is fundamental

“A thought to those who lost their lives during their daily commitment, and also to the families who, with their work, supported them thoughtfully.” Spider Lifelines


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