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26 March 2021

What a dilemma… 10 years have passed and you have to maintain the installed photovoltaic system. What do you say? It is not possible to access the system.

How many will find themselves in this situation.

Over the years, the concern of many has been to install photovoltaic panels to have either economic or energy advantages, and why not, some have made this choice to help the green vision that today is getting stronger and stronger … well done! However, there are many cases in which safety measures have not been taken into account, due to lack of knowledge of the reference standards (for example UNI EN 795, just to name one) or due to the negligence of the installation companies.

A fairly typical case is that of greenhouses specifically designed for huge photovoltaics, exploiting agricultural surfaces in a double sense. It is true that many were easy to assemble during construction, but today, vegetables and flowers are inside and no possibility of reaching the modules from the outside. We also add that photovoltaic systems are the most difficult to maintain while remaining safe. The modules far from the edges are not reachable by the PLE and, on top, you cannot walk on them because the surfaces are in glass or plastic.

Always the same story: save today, we’ll see for tomorrow.

There is only one solution.

Let’s say that there are many difficult solutions to carry out if there is not a marked knowledge of the reference techniques and standards.
In short, a job for specialists in the sector.
And for some adventurers we remember that patches are not enough, indeed they could only worsen the situation.

If you are wondering how to save, first immediately check the status of the fall arrest systems on your photovoltaic systems.

Do you want to evaluate the state of the fall arrest system above your old photovoltaic system?


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