Ot23 Year 2023: Contribute to improving security

16 September 2022

Recently Inail has disclosed the revised model of the OT23  call for the year 2023.

We remind you that the call in question gives the possibility to recognize a reduction in the average rate of tariff for insurance premiums paid to INAIL in the event that the companycarries out  the improvement interventions for the prevention and protection of health and safety in the workplace.

Another condition is that the company is in compliance with the contribution and insurance obligations.

The reduction for prevention interventions is recognized upon electronic application, submitted by filling in the “OT23” form (click here)

We put below the percentages recognized

  • up to 10 workers, the reduction is 28%;
  • from 11 to 50 workers, the reduction is 18%;
  • from 51 to 200 workers, the reduction is 10%;
  • over 200 workers, the reduction is 5%.

The latest updated revision has led to the following point changes:

Intervention A-1.2 and 1.4Intervention A-3.2Intervention A-3.3
Purchase of devices for the detection of underground technological networks and training and training activities in the field of confined environments and / or suspicions of pollution.

The score for these areas has been increased from 50 to 70.

Machines and tractors:

·        the leasing formula has been inserted as an alternative to the purchase invoice and excluding the rental invoice.

·        For disused machines, only scrapping is allowed.

 Adozione di procedure lock out – tag out

The descriptive report with reference to the machinery/equipment concerned is required as a probative activity.


Intervention B-1Intervention C-4.2Intervention E-1
Road risk prevention. Practical technical course of safe driving.

Introduced a new distinction between vehicles with a weight greater than / less than 35 q.li and between the number of passengers over / less than 9 units. In addition, the certificates at the end of the course are also documentary evidence.


Prevention of occupational diseases. Prevention of musculoskeletal disorders.

Purchase of machines that replaces the manual handling of loads.

The register of depreciable assets is required in addition to purchase and installation invoices or any leasing.

Health and safety management: organizational measures.

SgS certified adoption.

For the entire area of intervention E, the employer’s declaration regarding the application of the system is no longer necessary. The need for the adoption of the PAT system is underlined


Intervention E-17Intervention E-19  Intervention F-2
Adoption of a system for detecting near-accidents.

Necessary documentary evidence of the implementation of improvement interventions where interventions on equipment and / or work environments objectively emerge.

The detection of near-accidents must comply with the procedures indicated by INAIL.

New interventions included for travel agencies, cleaning and disinfestation services, training companies, consulting, employment services, private investigation and commercial information


Emergency management and PPE.

Defibrillator – during 2021 or 2022, defibrillator workers must have undergone BLSD training and refresher training. It is mandatory to provide the list of workers  in charge of the defibrillator at 31 12 2022


Intervention F-3Intervention F-6 
Risk of robberies.

At least two out of three measurements of those indicated in the model must be made.


Fire emergency plan and evacuation test for companies with less than 10 workers.

Those for which the obligation of the Emergency Plan is foreseen are excluded and the list of active construction sites in 2022 is also required for companies operating in temporary construction sites.





Spider® offers the necessary support for the realization of the necessary interventions and advice for the interventions already performed. Contact us


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