OT23: application deadline

04 February 2022

Last August, INAIL made available the new OT23 model year 2022 of reduction of the average rate for prevention. The reduction of the rate, governed by the D.M. 3 March 2015, is recognized in a fixed amount, as specified below:

  • up to 10 workers, the reduction is 28%;
  • from 11 to 50 workers, the reduction is 18%;
  • from 51 to 200 workers, the reduction is 10%;
  • over 200 workers, the reduction is 5%.

The deadline for submitting the application is about to end. Last useful day 02/28/2022

Compared to last year, the new model is affected by numerous novelties!

  1. the inclusion of the C-6.11 intervention linked to the mitigation of thermal stress in “severe hot” work environments (e.g. steel mills, foundries, etc.)
  2. the reintroduction of the intervention related to the adhesion to the Responsible Care program of Federchimica, called E-182;
  3. Deleted intervention A-3.13 .
  4. For interventions A-3.2 (replacement of obsolete machines) and C-4.2 (automation of operational phases involving the manual handling of loads) the possibility of carrying out the intervention also by renting or leasing machines has been envisaged, excluding instead for interventions B-5, B-6, B-8 and B-9 (installation of devices suitable for the prevention of road risk on board company vehicles).

The categories of prevention interventions of Mod. OT23/2022 are divided into:

  • CATEGORY A: prevention of fatal accidents (non-road)
    • Confined and/or suspected pollution environments (A-1);
    • Prevention of the risk of falling from a height (A-2);
    • Safety of machines and tractors (A-3);
    • Prevention of electrical risk (A-4);
    • Prevention of risks from insect bites (A-5);
  • CATEGORY B: prevention of road risk;
  • CATEGORY C: Prevention of occupational diseases
    • Noise risk prevention (C-1);
    • Prevention of chemical risk (C-2);
    • Radon (C-3) risk prevention;
    • Prevention of musculoskeletal disorders (C-4);
    • Health promotion (C-5);
    • Prevention of microclimatic risk (C-6);
  • CATEGORY D: training, training and information
  • CATEGORY E: organizational measures for health and safety management;
  • CATEGORY F: emergency management and PPE;

We report, for convenience and possibility of viewing the document, the attachment of the application to be completed.

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