OSHA: Occupational Safety and Health Administration

14 January 2022

The world of lifelines is regulated according to the country in which the work is carried out at high altitude.

Very often, if you are not familiar with the bureaucratic aspects of the country in which you have to carry out the work,  you may run into  difficulties of no small importance.

However similar the concepts on safety  and risk assessments may be, the regulations issued by the body in question should not be taken lightly.

For example, in the United States, the body with which to interface  for information, certifications  and regulations is the OSHA  (Occupational Safety and Health Administration),created by Congressin 1970 which guarantees safe working conditions for workers by establishing in fact the measures and standards to be respected, in addition to the multiple training courses  provided  with the issue of relative certifications  ni.

The OSHA organization

The structure of theorganization has a subdivision into several offices with regional and territorial competences.   Being part ofthe United States Department of Labor, theadministrator of the institution reports directly tothe  Secretary of Labor, a member of the cabinet of the President of the United States.

On the official website you can find theorganization chart of theinstitute  :  https://www.osha.gov/sites/default/files/OSHAorgchart.pdf

and offices distributed throughout the territory: https://www.osha.gov/aboutosha




We have already said that there are standards to be respected and that these are carried out by thebody. In fact, every workplace can have more or less specific   risks. In the industrial field and specifically in the chemical sector it will be much more frequent to work with professional chemicals or related machinery than on a construction site. Precisely, it is impossible to give absolute provisions for all areas with the aim of safeguarding workers andcompanies. Precisely for this reason  there are several regulations:

How do I create OSHA regulations?

The procedural process can last even more than  thirty-six months,in fact each  fasand has a minimum and maximum duration.

osha rulemaking process


Step 1

Making the decision: Preliminary conduct, Regulatory activities

12 to 36 months

Step 2

The development ofthe  proposed Rule

12 to 36 months

Step 3

Publication of the proposed Rule

2 to 3 months

Step 4

Development and analysis of the Rules Register

6 to 24 months

Step 5

Develop the final rule

18 to 36 months

Step 6

Publication of the final rule

2 to 3 months

Step 7

Post-promulgation atttività

4 to 12 months


OSHA Standard: Fall Arrest Systems



(font: https://www.osha.gov/sites/default/files/OSHA_FlowChart.pdf )

Fall Arrest Systems: some  OSHA guidelines

In the area of protection against falling from above OSHA has developed information and guidance useful to workers and employers. In fact, it is required that the fall protection  be  provided at a height of:

  • 4 feet to the general industry sector
  • 5 feet to the shipyard sector
  • 6 feet for the construction industry
  • 8 feet in longshoring operations

In addition, regardless of height, fall protection is required when working on hazardous equipment and machinery.

The employer’s obligations also consist of:

protecting, irrespective of the sector in which it operates, any hole in the floor into which a worker may accidentally enter;

equip any open platform, floor or elevated track with a guad  rail and a footrest;

use railings and footrests on dangerous machinery orequipment;

equip workers with a safety harness and rope, safety nets, stair railings and handrails where certain work requires their use;

fto provide working conditions free of known dangers;

keep the floors of the work areas in a clean and, as far as possible, dry state;

select and provide the required personal protective equipment at no cost toworkers;

train workers on the risks of work in a comprehensiblelanguage;


Providing this information to everyone helps us fulfill our mission of informing and raising awareness in the community to protect the workforce and save lives.

The laws and regulations are multiple and specific, so we always recommend visiting the official website  interacting with the reference body.


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