OiRA: online interactive risk assessment

27 January 2023

What is OiRA?

OiRA (Online interactive Risk Assessment) is an initiative promoted by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA). It is an interactive and online-accessible risk assessment tool that allows employers to identify, assess and manage the main threats to the health and safety of their workers. OiRA is a flexible model that can be customized according to the needs of the individual employer. For example, it can be used to identify specific risks associated with a particular work activity and/or environment. It also provides information on how to prevent accidents as well as how to manage and control risky situations. Through OiRA, enterprises can access a database of shared resources that contain self-assessment forms, operating instructions, general guidelines and contract templates. In addition, OiRA provides employers with professionally crafted tools that can be used to monitor and document progress in occupational safety. In conclusion, OiRA is a convenient IT tool that provides support in the assessment of risks in the workplace. It is designed to enable organizations to implement effective measures to improve the health and safety of the workplace


The data on the provisions and regulations of the various countries are not yet completely complete. In fact, for our country, the tool available indicates Legislative Decree 81/08 as a reference point but adds that it is not yet updated for fire risk and its mandatory training.

Employer tool

The tool guides the employer with the aim of identifying the prevention and protection measures valid for medium, small and micro companies. Useful for the activities examined that are most frequently carried out in office work.

Once you have logged in to the https://oiraproject.eu/en/oira-tools  platform,  you will need to select the country of your interest.


Then we will enter the present tab and related to the sector of interest. For the country in example (Italian) we have the “update offices” tab


You will find guidelines for using the tool for assessing risks related to paperwork.

  1. Presentation
  2. Scope
  3. The risk assessment process with identification of prevention and protection measures taken
  4. Preliminary phase
  5. Phases of use of the tool
  6. Management of company prevention over time

The tool, once the session is started, will present itself in such a way as to receive all the inputs necessary for the evaluation


The VR process section will provide the list of risks for a first preliminary assessment process and a recognition of all the work activities carried out.

And that’s not all. The platform is structured in such a way as to be both a guide and an editorial system to the DVR itself.

Assessment e report

Spider is always aimed at the training and information process in order to guarantee a culture of safety that improves the quality of work and life.


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