ISI Inail 2022 call: Discover the opportunities to improve safety at work in your companies

19 May 2023

The ISI Inail 2022 Call is an initiative that offers Italian companies the opportunity to invest in safety at work and accident prevention. The program provides for a non-repayable contribution of up to 65% of the investment, with a maximum of € 130,000. In this article, we will analyze in more detail the characteristics of the call, the requirements and how to participate.

Types of interventions that can be financed

The ISI Inail 2022 Call finances different types of interventions, including:

a) Purchase of machinery and equipment for safety at work, such as accident prevention devices and dust extraction systems.

b) Implementation of organizational measures and good practices to reduce occupational risks, such as staff training and implementation of safety management systems.

c) Interventions for the removal of asbestos and other dangerous substances present in the workplace.

d) Research and development projects for innovation in occupational safety, such as the development of new protective materials and the adoption of advanced technologies.

Eligibility requirements for undertakings

Companies wishing to participate in the call must meet the following requirements:

a) Have its registered and/or operational headquarters in Italy.

b) Be in compliance with social security, welfare and tax obligations.

c) Have not received administrative or criminal sanctions in the field of safety at work in the last three years.

History and deadlines

Interested companies can submit applications from 2 May 2023 until 16 June 2023[1]. It is advisable to prepare the necessary documentation in advance and not to wait until the last moment to submit the application.

Application evaluation process

The applications submitted will be evaluated by a commission composed of Inail experts according to the following criteria:

a) Relevance of the proposed intervention with respect to the objectives of the call.

b) Expected impact on increasing safety at work and reducing accidents.

c) Economic and financial sustainability of the project.

Follow the tender process

After sending the application, companies will have to wait for the communication of the results by Inail. In the event of a positive outcome, an agreement will be stipulated between Inail and the company, which provides for the monitoring of the financed interventions and the verification of compliance with the conditions established in the call.


Useful tips for submitting your application

In order to increase the chances of success in the call, it is recommended to:

a) Consult an expert or consultant who specializes in public funding for occupational safety.

b) Prepare a detailed and documented project, clearly highlighting the objectives, actions envisaged and result indicators.

c) Involve workers and workers’ safety representatives in the definition and implementation of the project.


The ISI Inail 2022 Call is a valuable opportunity for Italian companies wishing to improve safety at work and prevent accidents. With a non-repayable contribution of up to 65% of the investment, companies can carry out significant interventions to improve working conditions and reduce risks for their employees. Get ready for this opportunity and start working on your application today!


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