ISI CALL INAIL: what is it? quando expires?

04 March 2022

On February 28, 2022, the ok was given to the dissemination of the notice for participation in the Inail ISI Call of 2021.

We remind you that the ISI Call INAIL aims to encourage companies to carry out projects for the improvement of health and safety levels at work and that the amount of eligible expenses reaches a sum of € 130,000.00. The funds allocated in total are about € 273,700,000.00

The division of resources is better specified on the INAIL website in the dedicated section

The ISI call provides for five funding axes:

  1. Investment projects and projects for the adoption of organisational and social responsibility models – Financing axis 1 (sub Axes 1.1 and 1.2)
  2. Projects to reduce the risk of manual handling of loads (MMC) – Financing axis 2
  3. Asbestos-containing materials remediation projects – Financing axis 3
  4. Projects for micro and small enterprises operating in specific sectors of activity – Financing axis 4
  5. Projects for micro and small enterprises operating in the field of primary production of agricultural products – Financing axis 5.

The distribution of funding is then divided as follows:

  1. As regards axes 1, 2, 3 and 4, the financing is in the amount of 65 % of the expenditure with the limits set for axis 4 in the amount of a minimum of € 2000.00 up to a maximum of € 50,000.00 of expenditure financed.
  2. For axis 5, a reimbursement of 40% has been granted for all agricultural holdings, while 50% is provided for young farmers; Always taking into account and that the maximum refundable amount must not be less than € 1000.00 and nor more than € 60,000.00.

Excluded holdings:

All companies that have received the ISI 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and ISI agriculture 2019/2020 incentive will not be able to access the call.

Methods and times:

For the presentation methods we report what has been done on the INAIL portal:

“On the Inail portal – in the Access Online Services section – companies will have an IT procedure that will allow them, through a guided path, to enter the application for funding in the manner indicated in the Regional Notices.

The application completed and registered, exclusively, in electronic mode, must be forwarded to the IT desk for the acquisition of the chronological order, as reported in the document “Technical Rules and methods of development”.

The applications admitted to the chronological lists must be confirmed, under penalty of forfeiture of the benefit, through the appropriate online function of uploading / uploading the documentation, as specified in the regional / provincial notices.

The opening and closing dates of the IT procedure, in all its phases, will be published on the Institute’s portal, in the section dedicated to the deadlines of the ISI Notice 2021, from 26 February 2022.

For information and assistance on this Notice, please refer to the telephone number 06.6001 of the Inail Contact Center.

It is also possible to contact the Inail Risponde service, in the Support section of the portal.

Clarifications and general information on this Notice may be requested no later than ten days before the closure of the IT procedure for completing the online application.”

With regard to the various deadlines inherent to the same, we report what is expressed in the table in the summary of the call:

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