From BERGAMO to DUBAI: a breath of fresh air for Spider life lines

17 September 2021

Also this year the summer ended too quickly, but we at Spider have a lot of fantastic news in store for you. Here’s what you missed !!!

Spider linea vita flew to the United Arab Emirates to participate in the largest and most influential building and construction exhibition in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia: “The Big 5”.

An immense showcase for 1200 leading suppliers from 50 different countries, who from 12 to 15 September were able to present and showcase their products and ideas in front of potential new buyers and distributors from all over the world. The United Arab Emirates is in fact an innovative market, with ambitious and futuristic prospects in all sectors: from commercial to residential, from infrastructure to energy and public services.

The Spider, which shares these same ideals, certainly could not miss such an important opportunity to make itself known and present two of its flagships at the Dubai World Trade Center: the SUN200 and the HUNG LIGHT.

The constant commitment to research and development of new products dedicated to safety at work has generated: HUNG LIGHT, an innovative fall arrest system mainly dedicated to confined spaces; and the SUN200 pole, patented by Spider, portable, light, quick to assemble but above all useful for all employees who work on terraces during the installation of awnings, air conditioning systems or fixtures, who are often exposed to the danger of an accidental fall. This device, positioned vertically and perpendicular to the floor, is able to exploit the distance between the latter and the ceiling to create a stable and safe anchor point.

Both products are the result of a continuous look to the future and attentive to technological innovation, which has made Spider what it is today: a leading company in Italy in the production of life lines and fall arrest systems.

We have arrived as far as Dubai, but the surprises and the news continue even here in the Bergamo area.

On the occasion of the draws for the UEFA Champions League 2021/2022, the Percassi family organized an event to celebrate not only Atalanta, but also new important collaborations with the Bergamo club.

Not just football! But an event to create relationships, partnerships and do business. Led by the Head of Marketing and Public Relations, Alessandro Capriglione, the Spider linea vita enters the great Atalanta family as the official sponsor of the Bergamo-based team. A great achievement for a company like ours, which always aims high.

Alessandro Capriglione, marketing manager, explained to the team’s microphones the reason that led a company like Spider to link its brand to that of Atalanta: “Certainly belonging to the same Bergamo area has given rise to this new collaboration, but above all sharing the same values: aiming for excellence, but always with humility “.

If for Atalanta the goal is to try to win every time they take the field, for Spider the main mission is to provide innovative and safe equipment and services to minimize risks and accidents at work and thus obtain maximum satisfaction for the team. customer. A victory for our company.

Just as the Bergamo team acts following an ethics of loyalty, credibility and correctness, the SBS company also undertakes to carry out all activities in a framework of honesty, integrity, correctness and good faith, in compliance with the legitimate interests of customers, employees, commercial and financial partners and other subjects with whom the Company comes into contact.

It can be said that our company is only proud and enthusiastic about these two great opportunities and will certainly be ready, with all the enthusiasm and energy that distinguishes it, to seize many others.


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