European Week for Safety and Health at Work

28 October 2022

Every year in October, the European Week for Safety and Health at Work  takes place to promote “healthy workplaces”.   Started on 24/10/2022 it will end today 28/10 with the latest events across Europe.

Media coverage, with the sole purpose of raising awareness and improving the quality of work and life, has created “hundreds of awareness-raising events across the EU and beyond”

Organisedby EU-OSHA,  since 2020 the focus has been on psychosocial risks and  consequences for health and safety at work.  The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work aims to encourage employers, workers and other parties to include these risks in a considerable way in MSD risk assessment, prevention and management.

Early intervention is essential to prevent MSDs from becoming chronic and to support sufferers in the long term, allowing them to return and stay at work. For those who have developed pathologies, the psychological component, for example in pain management, can be important.  There are many points touched on this issue and the European organisation is putting in place everything necessary to make the issue of prevention a habit for everyone.

MSDs should never be underestimated, even as  derived from passive forms of psychosocial factors in the workplace that contribute significantly to therisk of developing AMD and  aggravate a pre-existing problem.


Fundamental, underlined by EU-OSHA in the brochure “Psychosocial factors in the prevention of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)”, is the aspect of  applying  all those positive actions that correctly identify the risk with its physical and psychological consequences.  Infact, some standard procedures are identified such as:

  1. Address identified risks of harassment or violence as a priority. Violence at work can be a serious safety and health problem with both physical and psychological consequences.
  2. Clarify priorities, roles and responsibilities and chains of command to help resolve excessive or conflicting demands.


EU-OSHA – Priority areas

The “Healthy Workplaces Lighten the Load” campaign is organisedaccording to several focus areas with a specific topic related to MSDs. Materials are provided including infographic reports and case studies and always available on the portal.


Despite efforts to prevent musculoskeletal disorders, they remain at the top of the list of work-related health problems in Europe and often accentuate pre-existing health problems or create new ones, inevitably reducing quality of life and ability to work, damaging businesses and economies.


  • Working with chronic musculoskeletal disorders. Good practice advice report: • Return to work after MSDs-related sick leave in the context of psychosocial risks at work: • Supporting musculoskeletal health in the workplace: • Body and hazard mapping in the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders: • Prevention policy and practice. Approaches to tackling work-related musculoskeletal disorders: • Healthy workers, thriving companies — a practical guide to wellbeing at work: • OiRA: • Healthy Workplaces for All Ages e-guide:



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