Dear Materials: The threat to recovery

22 April 2022

There is in these times a deadly ingredient that is seriously undermining the recovery.

This is the expensive materials: many companies are considering, especially in the field of public procurement, to suspend the works.

In addition to the raw materials, necessary to carry out interventions (not only in the construction field), there is also the pitfall of expensive fuels; This aspect has touched paradoxes with respect to road transport companies that to meet the ecological transition (and therefore also reduce pollution) have decided to insert (or replace) their fleet of vehicles with those powered by LNG (liquid methane).

Well, due to the ongoing war conflict and the speculations connected to it, the price of this ecological fuel has recorded increases of up to 400%. The paradox? Companies that have invested to reduce pollution today are forced to leave these new generation vehicles stationary in the parking lots, since with the new tariffs they travel at a loss.

Certainly it makes us reflect, about the expensive fuels a statement by the Minister of Ecological Transition, the Honorable Cingolani, who in recent weeks has called the increase in fuels ‘A colossal scam’.

Alongside the issue of emergencies in progress (war and the tail blows of Covid), there is that of speculation taking place at a global level.

With some questions: in a global world, in short, is it enough to intervene on raw materials to bring the world to its knees?  Is the concept of globalization of the economy and relocation still valid? Is it right to go at all costs towards new versions of electric cars that could lead to thousands of lost jobs?

Certainly this is not a period of tranquility for those who have to make decisions, whether they are businesses (and entrepreneurs) or families.

However, it is necessary to keep our nerves steady


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