Accidents at work analysis of the manufacturing industry

03 March 2023

Inail focuses its lens on the sectors of the manufacturing industry of chemicals, plastics and rubber articles, analyzing data from two different sectors on accidents at work.

The data of Inail accident reports analyze both the manufacturing industry and accidents at work.
The purpose of this report includes information on accidents that occurred in the chemical, rubber and plastics industries during the five-year period 2016-2020 and identifies the causes, processes and manner of these accidents.

A report recently published by Dimeila, the Department of Medicine, Epidemiology, Occupational and Environmental Hygiene (DIME) of Inail, is available online through their institutional portal.

According to data reported by ISTAT () in 2020 4218 chemical companies and 9881 rubber and plastic companies operate in Italy.  Accidents represent 3.8% in production, or 12.1% of the total turnover of the five-year period 2016-2020, recording a general decrease, however, from January to April 2022, new increases in the data linked to accident reports were recorded, as described in the latest INAIL report.

INFOR.MO at the center, the studies under consideration have greater precision

Infor.Mo, a surveillance system for both serious and fatal accidents at work The analysis of the data in this archive was conducted by examining the accident dynamics present in its collection.  To understand occupational accidents, the Regional Health Authorities collaborate with the Local Health Authorities for data collection.  This information allows a greater understanding of the cause and effects of the accident.  In turn, this knowledge helps to create more effective methods of prevention and protection against future workplace accidents.

In fact, it has been possible to determine precisely in which departments, within the manufacturing sectors, there is a higher incidence of accidents.

Within the sectors observed, the manufacturing of rubber and plastic products remains the one that recorded, in the period under observation, the greatest presence of accidents. Over 50% of those injured are working with production-related machines, of which about 43.4% of cases occur during contact with the machine, 9.2% due to falls from height of the graves, and 8.6% due to the development of flames. Falls from height or depth of  injured persons are equal to 11.1% in the manufacture of chemical products, 4% in that of the manufacture of rubber and plastic articles for a total incidence of the sectors covered equal to 7%. The events are mostly related to incorrect procedural aspects, about 40.1% of cases, or incorrect use of equipment or incorrect operating sequences due to habitual practices, impromptu actions and lack of information / training / training. 35.6% is instead related to the lack of fixed/mobile protections and the absence of safety accessories.

Distribuzioni incidenti

Fabbricazione Prodotti ChimiciFabbricazione articoli in gomma e plasticaIncidenza dei due settoriTotale settori lavorativi
Contatto con organi lavoratori in movimento28,952,543,412,0
Caduta dall’alto di gravi2,211,99,215,3
Sviluppo di fiamme15,65,98,62,0
Caduta dall’alto o in profondità dell’infortunato11,14,07,231,3
Avviamento inatteso / inopportuno di veicolo, macchina, attrezzatura2,29,97,231,3
Fuoriuscita / contatto con gas, fumi, aerosol e liquidi (alta / bassa temperatura, pericolosi)15,61,07,21,8
Proiezione di solidi11,15,06,63,7
Contatto con altri oggetti, mezzi o veicoli in movimento (nella loro abituale sede)0,05,93,97,1
Variazione nella marcia di un mezzo di trasporto (fuoriuscita dal percorso previsto, ribaltamento, ...)4,41,02,012,3

Both public and private sector jobs require protective measures. In addition to viewing statistics about accidents and their causes, the Dimeila tab provides a summary of recommended precautions. This information is derived from the risk factors revealed in the data.
With regard to falls from height or depth, the following is reiterated: “For the fall from above or deep of the injured person, in the maintenance / control / cleaning phases of plants or structures in height or depth, verify the presence and correct use of collective protective equipment against falling from a height; use fall protection PPE with UNI EN 795 certified anchors; verify the suitability of workers (training, training, specific health fitness); use suitable means of access in height. In relation to accidents resulting from unexpected / inappropriate start-up of vehicle, machine, equipment, during maintenance and use of machines and plants, the restart of work cycles, adopt protection structures of the operating levers from accidental contact; lock the key-tight drive panels at the operator who carries out maintenance activities inside; use appropriate warning signs; plan regular periodic maintenance of equipment in particular pneumatic valves; equip machinery with visible and identifiable control and safety devices protected against accidental actuation”

Source: Accidents at work, in an Inail report the analysis of data in two sectors of the manufacturing industry – 28/02/2023 – INAIL –


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