A sincere wish!

17 December 2021

Dear Customers, Suppliers, Collaborators and Readers,


the two-year period that is about to end has been marked on the one hand by the dramatic event of the pandemic that has affected us all, but also by the equally inexorable continuation of the climate upheavals taking place around the world.


For the past year, on the economic front, our country, after the Covid-19 tsunami, has been among the best in terms of recovery and prospects, and this can certainly be seen as a great sign of hope.


The Christmas season, which let us define it for what it represents, i.e. Holy Christmas, represents a stage of reflection in terms of perspective. The birth of the baby Jesus, who became a man among us from God, has changed our perspective and vision.


Jesus asks us for commitment, perseverance and sacrifice (He is the supreme example of this, even to the point of sacrificing His life). For this reason, if we want to bring about a real change in our society, which seems to be increasingly lost, we must, each in his or her own role, commit ourselves with perseverance, commitment and sacrifice to protect the environment, to support those in need, to develop the common good.


Because this is the only way to overcome this and other emergencies: with small daily gestures that can change things.


Looking to the future with hope, looking into that grotto in Bethlehem where our hope lies.

By looking at Him.


I wish you all a Holy and Peaceful Christmas, looking towards the Infinite.

Holding CEO

Cav. Uff. Giuseppe Lupi

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


Campagna Cuori Connessi

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