72nd National Day for Victims of Accidents at Work

07 October 2022

Spider® on  the occasion of the 72nd National Day for the Victims of Accidents at Work, recalls that this year’s event, organized by ANMIL (National Association of Mutilated Workers and Invalids of Labor), will be held in the Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia in the Municipality of Fiume Veneto (PN). The date is Sunday, October 9, 2022.


The refoundation of the association dates back to 1943 and subsequently became a public body with the law of 21 March 1958, n 335.

To date, it remains an association under private law and maintains its qualification as a moral entity as well as retains the associative tasks provided for by its statute and representation and protection of the mutilated and disabled at work.

In 2003 the association became ANMIL Onlus.

The first “National Day of the Mutilated” was held, therefore, in Rome on March 19, 1951 and for the occasion, the previous day, the then National President ANMIL Bartolomeo Pastore gave a speech presenting the initiative on the radio, made of exceptional relevance for the time. The aim was to remind the public, the institutions and the political forces of the need to focus their attention on safety in the workplace and to guarantee the right protection to the victims of work and their families.

The institutionalization of the “DAY” took place first with the publication in the Official Journal of 12 May 1998, n. 108 of the Dir.P.C.M 24 April 1998 and then with the Dir.P.C.;. March 7, 2003 published in the Official Journal on May 15, 2003, n. 111 where the association requests and obtains the celebration on the second Sunday of October of each year.

Spider® is always promotingricand, with its means of communication, initiatives and events aimed at raising awareness of  the prevention of accidents in the workplace.


For information about the local events of the Day you can contact directly to your reference section (addresses and contacts can be consulted in the section of the www.anmil.it website  dedicated to the associative offices).



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