11560 2022: Inspection and Maintenance of anchoring systems

29 July 2022

Chapter 9 “Inspection and maintenance of anchoring systems” has been modified and simplified taking into account the new professional figures introduced with the 2022 edition (basic installer – intermediate installer – advanced installer).

The new edition of UNI 11560 clarifies the purposes of inspection and maintenance activities  (i.e. ensuring over time the maintenance of the performance characteristics of the anchoring system).  and, with reference to inspection activities, clearly defines which professional figure is responsible for the related activity:

  • assembly inspection: it must be carried out by the basic installer);
  • inspection before use: tobe carried out by the user);
  • periodic inspection: must be carried out by the intermediate installer and/or the qualified technician);
  • extraordinary inspection: must be carried out by the advanced installer and / or by the qualified technician).


Also within Chapter 9 – Table 1, newcontrols are introduced  (in addition to those already present in the 2014 edition relating to the anchoring system, the support structure and the anchors now reported in Tables 2 and 3), to  be carried out in the inspection phases regarding the documentation of the anchoring system  referred to in Chapter 7 of the standard.

The checks on the documentation of the anchoring system introduced in the 2022 revision provide for the verification, during the phases of assembly inspection, inspection before use, periodic inspection and extraordinary inspection, about the presence of:

  • Graphic elaboration representative of the system;
  • General technical report;
  • Structural calculation report;
  • Photographic documentation of the system;
  • Declaration of correct installation of the system;
  • Manuals for installation, use and maintenance of anchors;
  • Declaration of conformity/correspondence of anchorages;
  • Indication of use of the PPE to be used;
  • System maintenance program;
  • Register of system inspections/maintenance;
  • Registry of access to the system.

It should also be noted that, with the 2022 revision, there is no longer a distinction in the periodicity of the checks relating to: documentation – anchoring system – support structure (in the previous edition of 2014, the control of the support structure was in fact prescribed with a periodicity higher than that for checks on documentation and on the system).


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