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A very versatile post with a height of either 350 or 450 mm Thanks to the high number of special elements available, it is possible to install a high quality lifeline in difficult building environments.

Top of range product

Classe A1 if used as single anchorage point Classe C if used as flexible lifeline

Basic products

  • PALO ITALIA h 350
  • PALO ITALIA h 450

Elements for basic configuration

  • PALO ITALIA h 350

    Codice Materiale
    LV3PL350X Inox Stainless Steel
    LV3PL350Z Zinced Steel

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian and German.

  • PALO ITALIA h 450

    Codice Materiale
    LV3PL450X Inox Stainless Steel
    LV3PL450Z Zinced Steel

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian and German.

  • Energy absorber (mono spring)

    Codice Materiale
    LBT3AM1X Inox Stainless Steel

    The main task of an energy absorber is to dissipate the energy that is generated when a fall occurs and therefore protects the worker. It is an obligatory element needed for certification. Non deformable type.

  • Double articulated joints with hole 14 mm

    Codice Materiale
    LE01114 Inox Stainless Steel

    Junction element between the post and the lifeline, with high resistance and easy installment.

  • Tensioner M14

    Codice Materiale
    LV005 Inox Stainless Steel

    Ensures the correct use of the lifeline by enabling the operator to regulate the cable tension

  • Rhomboidal intermediate

    Codice Materiale
    LV3ANI2X Inox Stainless Steel
    LV3ANI2Z Zinced Steel
    LE3ANI2R Galvanized Steel

    Junction element between the post and the lifeline, with high resistance and easy installment.

  • Assembled wire rope

    Codice Materiale

    Inox stainless steel wire for flexible class C lifelines diameter 8\10mm; with thimble, wire clamps and heat shrinking casing.


  • Screws

    code Material

    Screws for fixing the accessories to the post.

  • Carabiner block

    code Material

    Mechanical accessory that, when fixed to the wire, blocks the ongoing of the carabiner based on the requested design.

  • Energy absorber (bi spring)

    code Material
    LV3AM2X Inox Stainless Steel

    The main task of an energy absorber is to dissipate the energy that is generated when a fall occurs and therefore protects the worker. It is an obligatory element needed for certification. Non deformable type.

  • T-Anchor eyebolt (double anchorage)

    code Material
    LVPASOFFX Inox Stainless Steel

    Single A1 class anchorage that has a maximal hold and has a minimal visual impact. It can be mounted on every type of surface with an eventual reinforcement plate. It can also be used as a C class anchorage component as deviation for the pendulum effect.

  • Eyebolt

    code Material
    LVGX Inox Stainless Steel
    LVGZ Zinced Steel

    Single Class A1 anchorage element with minimal visual impact. Applicable on every kind of coverage with eventual reinforcement plate. It is suitable as complement of a Class C lifeline as anchorage of fall deviation and limitation of the pendulum effect.

  • Canadian under slating anchorage

    code Material
    LVSTPX Inox Stainless Steel
    LESTPI Galvanized Steel

    Class A2 anchorage with minimal visual impact, ideal for the installation on tiles. Applicable on every type of structure, can be used as class C as anchorage for deviation and limitation of the pendulum effect.

  • Roof tile anchorage with wire

    code Material
    LVSTCX Inox Stainless Steel

    Class A2 anchorage with minimal visual impact, ideal for the installation on tiles. Applicable on every type of coverage, usable with a C class lifeline as deviation element for reducing of the pendulum effect.

  • Tile anchorage

    code Material
    LVSTX Inox Stainless Steel
    LESTI Galvanized Steel

    Class A2 anchorage, minimal visual impact, suitable for the installation on various roof tiles. Applicable on every kind of structure. It can be uses as a Class C anchorage as a fall deviator and minimalizes the pendulum effect.

  • Counter plate for tiles/eyebolt

    code Material
    LV3PASC1Z Zinced Steel

    Reinforcement element for the application of a single anchorage point underneath tiles.

  • Identification plate

    code Material

    To be positioned at the beginning of the lifeline, enabling the operator to individuate the exact access point and gives some basic user information.

  • Wire clamps

    code Material
    LE001 Inox Stainless Steel

    They tighten and fix the end of a wire cable of a lifeline.

  • Thimble diameter 8

    code Material
    LE002 Inox Stainless Steel

    Ring for the configuration of the final part of the wire of a lifeline.

  • Heat shrinking casing

    code Material

    Protection against the handling of the wire clamps, branded Spider.

  • Trolley

    code Material
    LVNAVX Inox Stainless Steel

    Allows the automatic climbing over of the intermediate anchorages, even from the bottom of the roof brim, without forcing the operator to ascend to the roof top.

  • Trolley terminal for plate

    code Material
    LVNAVP150TX Inox Stainless Steel

    Applied to the plate, it enables to connect the wire and to create therefore a lifeline Class C.

  • Intermediate element for trolley

    code Material
    LVNAVIX Inox Stainless Steel

    When installed on an anchorage element, it enables the passage from the trolley without having to be removed from the wire.

  • Angular hinge 2 wheels

    code Material
    LV3ANRAZ Zinced Steel
    LV3ANRAX Inox Stainless Steel

    Patented by our staff, it enables the wire to follow the parameter that has to be safeguarded and\or to pass eventual obstacles present on the roof. Can be regulated from 90 to 270 degrees.

  • Turning extension for post

    code Material
    LVPROL6ROTI Inox Stainless Steel
    LVPROL6ROTX Inox Stainless Steel
    LVPROL6ROTZ Zinced Steel

    When mounted on the top part of the post, it can be used as single class A1 anchorage element. It gives the operator the opportunity to move 360 degrees around the post and is therefore ideal for pyramidal buildings.

  • Corner backdrop

    code Material
    LV3ANR2X Inox Stainless Steel
    LE3ANRIR Galvanized Steel

    When mounted on the top part of the post it enables to follow the non linear course of the roof ridge without interrupting the wire.

  • Terminal plate

    code Material
    LV3ANTX Inox Stainless Steel

    Anchorage with double potentiality: as Class C if use as start of a wall mounted lifeline or Class A1 if used as fixed point

  • U shaped hinge

    code Material
    LVCERUX Inox Stainless Steel
    LVCERUZ Zinced Steel

    Two of these elements enable the installation of a post life line with square base on a double pitched rooftop. This is an ideal solution for wooden coverage with support beams.

  • Wire cable ø 10

    code Material
    LV003 Inox Stainless Steel

    Stainless steel cable for flexible class C Lifelines diameter 10 mm.

  • Wire cable ø 8

    code Material
    LE003 Inox Stainless Steel

    Stainless steel cable for flexible class C Lifelines diameter 8 mm.

  • Intermediate bracket

    code Material
    LV3ANIX Inox Stainless Steel
    LV3ANIZ Galvanized Steel

    When mounted on the upper part of a post, it can be used as an intermediate element. The passage of the karabiner is ensured and the operator does not have to unhook himself from the lifeline

  • Double anchorage plate

    code Material
    LV3PADX Inox Stainless Steel

    When mounted on post with superior square base, it enables to bring out of axis the lifeline in respect to the axis of the post. It also enables to anchorage on the same post two lifelines.

  • Extension h 200

    code Material
    LVPROL200X Inox Stainless Steel

    Extension h 200 mm to increase the height of the post of a lifeline.

  • Extension h 150

    code Material
    LVPROL150X Inox Stainless Steel

    Extension h 150 mm to increase the height of the post of a lifeline.

  • Flange Italia

    code Material
    LV601035 Inox Stainless Steel

    Ideal accessory for installations on metallic carpentry and wood with intersection beams inferior to 20 cm.

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The Personal Data collected will be used for the provision of services to the User or for the sale of products, including the payment and the eventual delivery. The Personal Data collected to allow the payment may be those relating to the credit card, to the account used for the bank or to other payment instruments provided. The Data collected from this site depend on the payment system used. Notwithstanding the above, the Holder informs that the User may use Your Online Choices (Country / Your Choices). Through this service, you can manage the tracking preferences of the most of advertising tools. The Owner, therefore, recommend using this resource in addition to the information provided in this document.