Loading docks – Operator safety

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Site inspection

Our team of experts will make sure to detect all the measurements information and details.
This allows us to take all the precautions for a functional design for the activity of the workers.

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Once all the data has been collected, it will be processed before moving on to the phase of choosing the most suitable materials and products or ad hoc customizations.
Once all the data has been collected, they will be processed and then move on to the phase of choosing the most suitable products or ad hoc customizations

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The phases of the fall arrest system design, such as the rigid track lifelines (Type D), are: definition of the access method at height.
Arrangement of the anchoring devices/systems to be installed and method of fixing the anchoring devices to the structure.

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Our operating staff who will carry out the installation are highly qualified and able to carry out the installation on any type of structure

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Properly carrying out the periodic maintenance of the anchoring devices and systems and of the PPE allows us to guarantee the maintenance of the characteristics and safety and maximum performance over time; maintenance also makes it possible to detect any anomalies and/or malfunctions that would make the use of the lifeline on the roof unsafe.

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Completezza dei dati

Le strutture richiedono uno studio perché presentano caratteristiche diverse.
L’esatta compilazione dei form per le richieste di preventivo ci permette di comprendere meglio le aree di intervento

Assistenza qualificata

I nostri consulenti tecnici sono sempre a disposizione per garantire la soddisfazione del cliente e la risoluzione di problematiche complesse


L’obiettivo principale dello staff di SPIDER è quello di proporre, per ogni lavoro commissionato, un vero servizio chiavi in mano reale. Rilasciamo tutta la documentazione necessaria come da normativa vigente.


SPIDER is able to supply and design solutions for all those situations in which the operator is exposed to the risk of falling from height during  loading and unloading of machinery/tankers.

There are solutions that can be adapted to existing structures, temporary devices or carpentry support structures made ad hoc, supplied and installed by SPIDER qualified operators

Tankers and articulated lorries generally have heights of more than 4 meters. For this reason, during the loading and unloading phases of tanks or machinery, the operator is exposed to the risk of falling from height, which is very often underestimated.

SPIDER is able to supply versatileinnovative and customized solutions for safety of the operator also ensuring competence for support structures, such as flags or trestles, when circumstances require them.

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