Runways and Bridge Crane

The bridge crane as an anchor point

SPIDER is able to provide solutions for all structures forming part of industrial plants such as bridge cranes, where operators must work at height to carry out maintenance works on the machinery.

Moreover, bridge cranes can be used as support elements for fall arrest devices for the purpose of operator safety.


Our offer for secure works on bridge crane beams involves the use of anchor plates for lifelines perfectly compliant with current standards.

These systems are easy to use and do not inhibit operator mobility in any way, especially if developed using sliding shuttle systems that eliminate inconvenient interruptions near the intermediate devices.


Our lifelines are also suitable for safe access to electrical panels, often mounted on one of the box girders comprising the bridge crane, and on the carriage, that is, the sliding device housing the hoisting winch.


Another critical point is access to the bridge crane or runways, which may occur using a MEWP (mobile elevating work platform) or a rung ladder with fall arrest mechanisms developed by us in compliance with UNI 14122 concerning ladders and EN 795:2012, UNI 11578:2015 concerning fall arrest systems

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