Roof Access and Walkway Systems

Ladders, Railings, Gangways and Overpasses

SPIDER offers various solutions, also ad hoc, for all situations where rooftop passageways need to be created for maintenance works.

Our products, including ladders, gangways and overpasses are designed in accordance with UNI 14122:2016, the NTC18 (Technical Standards of Construction) or Legislative Decree 81/2008


Rooftop access is a critical aspect when designing a fall arrest system, which is often ignored or underestimated, and which may expose operators to additional risks if not properly designed.

Our technical team is able to offer expertise and punctuality for the provision of high-performance solutions.


When compatible with the building aesthetics, collective protective systems are preferred, such as railings, to  minimise the risk of falls from height.

SPIDER designs and produces systems that best adapt to the building, offering fixed, tilting or ballasted products compliant with legislation in force.


Once on the roof, suitable systems must be in place allowing access across uneven areas or systems in safe conditions, so-called overpasses.


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