Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing

Thanks to its broad range of catalogue solutions, SPIDER is able to satisfy all requirements for simple, insulated or seam panelled fretted metal roofing of various types and forms, thus guaranteeing standard products with a thickness of up to 5/10 in aluminium or 4/10 in steel.

Solutions are also available for situations where the metal roofing is used as a support, then subsequently finished in other clay or stone materials.


Metal roofing is often selected for its extremely rapid installation, excellent rainwater drainage or aesthetic appeal, given it can be adapted to suit various forms and sizes.


SPIDER can provide assistance and expertise, recommending and supplying the most suitable product. Our products are designed to be anchored directly to the metal panelling without needing to reach the underlying structure, and thus without affecting the impermeability of the roof.

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