Personal protective devices

Sectors covered by course: chemical-Lineevita building-Lineevita metalworking-Lineevita services-Lineevita

The course is aimed at operators that must perform specific works at height subject to the risk of falls from height, using PPE and specific fall arrest systems such as harnesses, lanyards, anchors, connectors, etc…

The aim of the course is to increase the level of safety of workers to whom PPE is provided for prevention and protection against the risk of falls from height, during the various stages of work, by improving not only their knowledge of the hazards inherent to works at height, but also their ability to operate with correct use of the PPE, through training on how to use such PPE and lifelines.

Legislative Decree no.81 of 9th April 2008, as amended and supplemented by Legislative Decree no.106 of 3rd August 2009, imposes the obligation on employers to assign duties to workers, taking into account their skills and conditions in relation to their health and safety.

Regulatory framework
Risk assessment
Categories of PPE and their characteristics
PPE management
Correct use, maintenance, duration and preservation
Training on use of special PPE

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