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Safety: a lifestyle.

Using all available measures to reduce workplace risks shouldn’t need to be imposed by the law, but rather a normal way of approaching situations characterised by the risk of falls from height.

About us - LineeVita

It should be a lifestyle for business owners and workers, which is precisely why we’re committed to designing and developing safety systems that best adapt to operating needs. They should be simple and quick to install and use, in order that they can be used by all with ease, with simple gestures that become habit.
A good habit.

About us - LineeVita

Security Building Services S.r.l. operates with integrity, fairness and professionalism, pursuing the realisation of its mission through the supply of services and safe and innovative work equipment, in order to ensure utmost client satisfaction and guarantee the safety of users and their employees, also through training and instruction.

SBS is committed to offering its services in compliance with the law, in a framework of fair competition, in line with principles of honesty, integrity, fairness and good faith, in respect of the legitimate interests of clients, employees, commercial and financial partners and other parties with whom the Company holds relations.

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